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West Sussex Geology
Updated 5 March 2020

Welcome to West Sussex Geology, dedicated to the fascinating and varied geology of West Sussex. This web site lists details of my geological walks and talks, as well as providing links to other organisations.


West Sussex has a rich and varied geology (although not always easy to discover without some guidance) that falls into distinct landscapes - the coastal plain, the South Downs, the greensand belt and the central Weald.


Whether you are interested in the landscape, fossil collecting or building stones, there is plenty waiting to be discovered. Geology also overlaps with archaeology and industrial history. Why not join me on one of my guided walks or fossil hunts, or book a talk for your group?

Who am I ?

My name is David Bone. I enjoy geology and have been studying the subject for nearly 40 years, much of it in West Sussex. I specialise in giving talks, guided walks and teaching, especially as an introduction for people who know little about the subject. More ...

My publications on local geology
Four guides are currently available. For more details see the Limanda publications page.
Bracklesham fossil hunts
Dates for 2020

Ideal for school, groups, families and individuals.


For that special personal attention, join your local expert with 40 years experience of fossil hunting at Bracklesham.


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